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Aww, Ellie Eigenmann Took The Cutest Photos Of Andi Eigenmann And Philmar Alipayo

Ellie is a talented seven-year-old kid!

Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Ellie has been into photography lately, and the seven-year-old kid took the cutest photos of Andi and boyfriend Philmar Alipayo. Pregnant at 38 weeks, Andi looks radiant laughing with the dad of their “little nugget.”

She said, “Ellie took this photo of us after our daily (well, not really anymore) swim! I don’t remember what exactly we were laughing about but I am [100 emoji] that it had something to do with me looking like a panda. Or maybe that my butt looks like a deflated marshmallow. One of their greatest pleasures is ganging up on me. But no, I don’t get offended, and they also don’t mean any offense whenever they do. I think that these, along with each of our unique antics are some of what contributes to a home filled with bellyaching laughter! I am sure our little nugget inside my belly is as ready and excited to be a part of this home as we are so stoked to have her very soon as well!”

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Philmar also posted the photo, saying that the family is very excited to meet their little one.

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Here are some other photos of Andi that Ellie shot:

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