Andi Eigenmann And Philmar Alipayo Share Sonogram Photos Of Their *Little Mermaid*

So much love for this baby!
PHOTO: Instagram/chepoxz

Andi Eigenmann is 23 weeks pregnant with her second baby, and we're happy that she's got a whole support team behind herfirstborn Ellie and boyfriend, pro surfer Philmar Alipayo! In February 2019, Andi shared a funny ultrasound photo of their "surfer baby" on Instagram Stories, but now we get to see the real thing! 

Andi and Philmar recently made a trip to the doctor's and they graciously shared photos of Andi's latest sonogram on social media: 

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Philmar proudly posted a photo of himself on Instagram with their baby girl's sonogram (they had a gender reveal party on March 9) and said, "I am so happy to see you today, so happy that I wanted to cry. I can't wait to see you soon my little [mermaid emoji]. I can only imagine the day I get to finally meet you. I know for sure I will cry like a baby out of so much joy."

That same day, Andi posted a photo of her boyfriend saying, "He's been stuck in the city for almost a month now and I am so grateful! Thanks for stepping out of your paradise of a comfort zone just to take care of us. Your support has made my pregnancy so breezy, and way less boring that it could be."

The couple is currently overseeing the construction of their new home in Siargao. Andi is set to give birth to their ~little mermaid~ in July 2019. We can't wait to see them all back in the water! 

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