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Erwan Heussaff Tired Of 'Knee-Jerk Opinions' On Vaccines: 'Don't be choosy. If you can get it, do it.'

'Whether it's 50% or 95%, it's still something.'

Erwan Heussaff recently got his second dose of Sinovac and urged people that regardless of the vaccine brand, they should still get vaccinated.

On Instagram, Erwan posted several photos of himself as he received his second dose at a vaccine site in Makati. The post came with a lengthy caption as he wrote, "Finally fully vaccinated with my second dose of Sinovac today. Apparently, if I would have gotten vaccinated with any of the Big Four, it's not socially acceptable to say it, because I would be showing off my privilege (people online need to chill…)"

"The way I see it, anyone getting vaccinated at this point, regardless of the brand, is privileged, so don't be choosy. If you can get it, do it," he added.

Erwan stressed that people have been waiting for months to receive a single dose in the country and that others would have to wait in line for hours for their shots. 


Erwan disclosed that he ordered Moderna for their companies several months ago but has yet to receive the shipment. He shared, "I got anxious [about] waiting and just decided to sign up in Makati as an A4 instead a couple of months back. Knowing that eventually, every country in the world is slowly going to start implementing no vaccine no *insert here, policies (travel, eating out, concerts, etc.)"

The vlogger also aired out his frustrations on "knee-jerk opinions on Viber groups, Twitter, and Facebook." Erwan wrote, "At the end of the day, Sinovac is still an effective COVID-19 vaccine. Whether it's 50% or 95%, it's still something. Just because you're vaccinated does not mean you can go hugging strangers again."

Erwan added, "In any case, it looks like ALL vaccine brands are now discussing potential needs of booster shots with other vaccine brands, due to the new variants. Just goes to show that no vaccine has a 100% efficacy rate."

It’s not just Erwan who's been convincing the general public to get vaccinated. Celebs like Maris Racal and Rico Blanco both got vaccinated on Independence Day, while RK Bagatsing, who got vaccinated with his girlfriend Jane Oineza wrote, "The quicker we get everyone vaccinated, the quicker we can all get back to normal." Kim Chiu also received her jab in June and wrote, "Let's all get vaccinated to reach herd immunity."

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