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Erwan Heussaff Makes An Eye-Opening Video That Tackles The Water Sitch

Remember: Water is everything!
PHOTO: Instagram/erwan

No one is exempt from the water crisis. We all shower, clean, up, thirst. We all number one and number two (stress when there’s no H2O!). Celebs, politicians, privileged, and working folk—no one was exempt from their own tabo-timba chronicles. Even senators tweeted about it, and for a tiny bit, we felt that they knew exactly what we madlang people were going through.

The past couple of weeks have definitely been a wake up call, and Erwan Heussaff made a video as an urgent plea to everyone to take the water crisis seriously. His video shows many sordid realities about water (and the lack thereof) with a few clips and infographics spliced in to make the video more engaging and understandable.

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Aside from the usual callout to tighten leaks and save every drop, we got a few fresh takeaways from Erwan’s video. First was the concept of the Selective Flush from the Dustin Hoffman movie Meet The Fockers: “If it’s yellow, make it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.” Next was the idea of the Navy Shower—you know, the type we take on unusually cold Manila mornings, like maybe before going to Simbang Gabi. Turn on the shower valve to wet yourself, soap and shampoo sans water, then turn on the valve again to quickly rinse. 

The video even showed the shocking averages of our water consumption: That’s roughly 120 liters per day per person for two showers—and we Filipinos love to take a bath! That’s not even counting the liters that go down the drain when we wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean, or flush the toilet. And, with every flush, we’re looking at 10 liters wasted—gasp!

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It’s high time we make a conscious effort to conserve water. Erwan shares a lot more tips on his nearly four-minute vid. We were already given a preview of what a shortage of water feels like. It’s time we become more conscious and conscientious water users. There’s no other way, girls. If you’ve got other ideas to conserve water, comment on the feed. We’d love to know!

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