Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muraoka Reveal Their Summer Plans

These Brapanese hunks will make your scorching summer even hotter! Find out how and where they'll be catching the sun this season.

Summer for these Brazilian-Japanese hunks may be just like any other day for them. After all, Brazil is the land of fine sand beaches, bikinis, cute flip-flops, and modelesque natives; a place where hitting the beach is as commonplace as strolling at the mall. But, for a few years now, three of these Brapanese have decided to leave their hometown and make the tropical islands of the Philippines their new home: Cosmo Centerfolds Daniel Matsunaga and Fabio Ide, and model Hideo Muraoka are enjoying their big break in the country's modeling industry--and the country's similar tropical climate.

We caught up with these Brapanese hunks at Velvet's Hollywood-themed photo exhibit recently, and we wasted no time asking them about their sizzling summer plans. Find out if you'll be bumping into them at your trips anytime soon.

Hunky model-turned-GMA-7 actor and 2009 Cosmo Centerfold Daniel Matsunaga is looking forward to taking a break from his busy showbiz schedule this summer. Born in Brazil, Daniel loves the sun more than anything else, and he just loves to spend summer at the beaches in Brazil and Philippines, particularly in Boracay and Palawan. This summer, Daniel plans to take his girlfriend Heart Evangelista to his hometown in Brazil along with his sister (who is also a model) Vanessa and her new hubby Jun. He told Cosmo, "I'd make the most out of this vacation by spending it with the people I miss and love."

Hideo Muraoka, a 24-year-old full-time model (who has graced countless fashion shows, magazines, and billboards, particularly for Folded and Hung, SM Department Store, Collezione-C2, and Coca-Cola, among many others), reveals, "I would go anywhere, basically just to be away from civilization for even a short time." Among his favorite destinations are his hometown Brazil, Thailand (where he lived for two years), and the Philippines. This summer, Hideo will just stay in the country: He’ll be found on the beaches of Palawan and Bohol, getting a nice tan.

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Cosmo’s 2010 Centerfold and December 2010 Man on Fire Fabio Ide's favorite summer destination is Hong Kong, where he goes shopping. But, if he isn't there, you’ll spot the 27-year-old model-actor at the beach, catching some waves and getting a tan. "I would go to Palawan or Bohol to relax and enjoy the beach." (Looks like beach babes would get a double treat--Fabio and Hideo!) Of course, going to the beach also means partying for this hunk, so if that's what's on the agenda, "If I'm going to party, I'll go to Boracay." So, be on the lookout ladies, you just might spot this mestizo hunk in trunks (the normal beach attire for Brazilians, according to Fabio) strutting along the beach on your trip.

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