Fans Are Convinced Kylie Named Her Baby 'Butterfly'

The evidence mounts!
PHOTO: Youtube/Kylie Jenner

Now that some of the secrecy around Kylie Jenner's pregnancy has dissolved thanks to a birth announcement and an illuminating Instagram post from Jenner herself, fans have gone into detective mode to determine the last remaining piece of the Kylie's baby puzzle: the little one's name.

Some of these fans are hedging their bets on the baby name being Butterfly based on an abundance of evidence—a tactic that correctly predicted the sex of the baby. Here's what they're saying are the strongest clues.

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Kylie revealed on Snapchat last June that she and the baby's father Travis Scott got tiny, matching butterfly tattoos, her on her right leg and Travis on his left. Counting back nine months from the birth lands the month Jenner likely learned about her pregnancy as last June, so were the tattoos a first celebration for the expecting parents? Kylie has also worn an unusual amount of butterfly-themed jewelry in the past months, including a butterfly necklace and numerous pink butterfly rings; the color of those rings was one of the hints fans pointed to as a hint that the baby would be a girl.

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More butterfly-themed evidence comes from the video Kylie released to announce the birth, which showed the baby's nursery covered with butterfly decorations. Either she straight up loves pretty bugs or there's something deeper going on here.

Fans have latched onto this theory, but there are also some variations on the exact name. One suggested "Monarch," as in monarch butterflies (and it wouldn't be out of step with Kourtney's son Reign). Other possible names fans suggested were "Mariposa" ("butterfly" in Spanish) and "Vanessa" (another name for a colorful species of butterfly.)

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What do you think? Will the world soon be introduced to Butterfly Jenner? Seeing as Kylie has played this pregnancy very close to her chest, it may be a while before she feels ready to reveal the truth. In any case, congratulations to Kylie!

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