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They're starring in their first film together this September!
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbi

We will soon see celeb couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos in their first film together, a music-centered movie called LSS (Last Song Syndrome), which is also an official entry of the 2019 Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino this September!

In the film, Gabbi and Khalil play Sarah and Zak, two people who find themselves in a series of almost-but-not-quite romantic encounters as they follow indie-folk band Ben&Ben

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Cosmopolitan Philippines spoke with Gabbi about her latest project, how she got cast for the role, and how she balances work and personal life with Khalil. 

Can you tell us more about your character in LSS? How is it different from Khalil's?

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I'm more of the dreamer and Khalil pushes me to reach that dream. His character motivates my character.

How did you land your roles? Did you have to audition?

They [the producers] actually messaged us without them knowing that we're actually together! It was a bit weird at first. It was actually funny because we promised ourselves that we weren't going to work together, but the script [for LSS] was really good.

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This is your first project with Khalil. Was it awkward working with him for the first time?

Yes, it was really weird and awkward! It has its pros and cons. The pros are...gamay mo na siya. You know how he is as a person, so it'll be easier if you have heavy scenes. It's easy because you're playing partners there.

The struggle, maybe, is that you guys are pretending to be strangers because it's required in the scene. You know him so much that you have those small nuances, like, kilala mo na 'to. So you can just hold him or whatever. And we couldn't do that.

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How do you and Khalil separate work from your personal lives on set? Did you make it a point to have quality time apart from shooting?

It's easy for us! From the very start, we made it clear that we have to grow individually. Labas yung work, labas lahat. We're both very independent people, so that's never a problem. We're not clingy na we HAVE to see each other after every taping. If hindi kaya, if one week hindi kami magkita, okay lang.

Do you guys have any planned projects together in the future? More vlogs?

Yes, vlogs! Recently, I placed a question option on my Instagram Stories. We're going to have a food crawl. We're just editing it right now, and we'll be releasing it soon.

Are you as excited about the film as we are? You can prep for it by listening to Ben&Ben's first album, Limasawa Street, below: 

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