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WATCH: Gabbi Garcia And Khalil Ramos Share Their Secrets To A Happy Relationship

Gabbi and Khalil did a BF Homes food crawl while answering fan questions!

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos are the cutest couple ever! Since Khalil admitted in July 2018 that he and Gabbi were dating, things have been smooth sailing ever since. The pair even got to work together on the film LSS (Last Song Syndrome.)

In Gabbi’s latest vlog, which was uploaded on Youtube on July 6, the pair went on a BF Homes food crawl in Parañaque as they answered fan questions about their relationship. Gabbi and Khalil went to six restaurants that are native to the BF Homes area.

Khalil shared that he first met Gabbi at Julia Barretto’s debut in 2015. Gabbi recalled their first meeting and said, “Pinakilala ako ni Kathryn [Bernardo] sa’yo. He was the only guy na walang ka-date sa table. [The] first impression would be, alam mo yung a guy who’s not vain na parang so neat. He wasn’t loud, he was quiet. Feeling ko kaagad maayos ‘tong guy na ‘to.


While Gabbi and Khalil didn’t get to talk to each other for two years after meeting at Julia’s party, the two reconnected when Gabbi texted Khalil about the screening of 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten, a film that Khalil starred in which came out in 2017. Gabbi said, “Because of that, [our communication] has never stopped until now.”

Gabbi and Khalil revealed that they’ve been together for two years. Khalil said, “We don’t celebrate monthsaries, just the anniversary of our first date, [which is] February 23.”

The pair also got asked who foots the bill whenever they go out. Khalil shared that he’d pick up the bill for a whole year when he was courting Gabbi. But now that they’re a couple, Gabbi said, “We’re both working, I earn, he earns, and we split the bill sa lahat ng gastos namin. We have different opinions, I don’t really want to depend on [Khalil] or anyone. I think it’s fair enough.” To which Khalil added, “It’s being realistic and [it’s about] balancing your life budget.”

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On the qualities that they like about each other, Khalil described Gabbi as independent, while Gabbi said, “The best thing about [Khalil] is that he allows us to hone our careers individually. Ever since he became a part of my life, umayos lahat.

When asked for tips on how to make a relationship strong, Khalil said, “It’s really about looking out for your future and balancing everything well.” Gabbi added, “I’m really lucky with Khalil because, from the very start, he established that we’re gonna be smart about this relationship. This should be a smart relationship and this one should have a strong foundation.” 

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