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The It Girls Reveal A Lot About Georgina Wilson's Love Life


YouTube/Preview Mag

Anyone who has access to social media pretty much knows that Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Liz Uy, and Bea Soriano make up Georgina Wilson’s It Girl squad. The five gorgeous girls were all present during George's wedding to businessman Arthur Burnand in England on April 30.

Since George fronts the cover of Preview's May issue for the last time as a single lady *happy tears*, the magazine threw her a bachelorette party a few weeks back.

Without George’s knowledge, all five ladies were tasked to speak about their bride-to-be bestie (aka chikahan galore) and revealed some very heartwarming and totally juicy tidbits! One thing that stood out the most was when Anne, Belle, and Solenn, talked about the moment they knew George was totally *smitten* with Arthur.

Anne: She was never one to go dive or be in a wet suit, so, the moment I saw her post a photo where she was in a wet suit, I was like, “She likes this guy.”

Belle: When she first met Arthur, she posted a photo with him in a plane. And I texted her, “Who’s that guy with blue eyes?”

Solenn: Same! I was like, “What’s happening?”

Belle: And then she, like, brushed it off. And then after that, when we saw her post...

Anne: She was diving for clams. (LOL)

Belle: We were like, “May something.” *kilig*


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