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Aww, Gerald Anderson Visited Julia Barretto In Subic Just To See Her ~From Afar~

Julia looking down on Gerald from her balcony is the stuff of '90s rom-coms.
PHOTO: YouTube/Gerald Anderson

According to his vlog yesterday, Gerald Anderson had a motorcycle trip with his friends; from Metro Manila, they rode to Subic. They hung out at the beach in the afternoon, and at night, they visited Julia Barretto at her hotel.

Julia is in Subic for lock-in taping, which means she can't have contact with people outside of that bubble—and that includes Gerald. So in the vlog, Julia can be seen looking down on him from her balcony, and Gerald jumps, trying to reach her from the street. It's the stuff of '90s rom-coms, really.

"This is what the virus does. The virus separates people," Julia said to the camera.

Before the guys turned in for the night, Gerald shouted to Julia, "Love you, baby!"

The guys returned to the hotel in the morning. Gerald threw a stone at Julia's window-slash-sliding door, prompting the actress to go to the balcony. She smiled, waved, and stretched out her arms to him.

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Gerald, who pointed the camera at himself but still kept his eyes on Julia, then said, "'Di ako makapunta sa 'yo, e."

Because of Gerald's big smile, netizens could feel he was happy to at least have seen Julia, even from a distance. The video's comments are full of fans expressing their kilig. There are also some fans who wish that Gerald and Julia would be together ~forever.~

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