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Gigi Hadid And Joe Jonas Had A Really Great Time During Their Disneyland Date

Not jealous at all

Flaunting their newfound love in everyone's faces, new celeb couple of the moment Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas (or G.I Joe, as the cool kids are calling them) went on a very cutesy date to Disneyland this weekend.

Along with a group of friends, Gigi and Joe walked around the theme park holding hands, wearing Minnie Mouse ears (well, just Gigi), and enjoying all the rides. They even had some lols by pretending to be asleep while on Splash Mountain, so the pictures will look like they're taking a nap. So many jokes. Such fun. Young love. We're not bitter at all.

Even though pretty much everyone at Disneyland saw Gigi and Joe there together, the couple are still doing the whole 'let's keep this relationship on the low on social media' thing, with Gigi only posting photos of herself, rather than any PDA. Joe, meanwhile, hasn't even mentioned Disneyland on his Twitter or Instagram, so it's like he wasn't even there.

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But it's not fooling us. Especially after that double date with T-Swifty and Calvin Harris. YOU CAN NEVER TAKE THAT BACK.

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