You Can Die From A Hickey, So MOMOL With Care

Love bites.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Apparently, pregnancy scares and several STD risks aren’t worrisome enough, so the world gave us one more thing to worry about: hickeys. Can you believe that? HICKEYS!

A hickey, aka God’s gift to foreplay, reportedly caused a teenage boy to die from a stroke. 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez had convulsions while having dinner with his family. Doctors believe that the suction or creation of the hickey resulted in the formation of a blood clot, which traveled to Julio’s brain and caused the stroke. Though emergency services were called immediately, Julio died at the scene. His parents are blaming his 24-year-old girlfriend—yikes—who is currently nowhere to be found.

A handful of people have had similar experiences with hickeys or love bites in the past. In 2011, a 44-year-old Kiwi woman couldn’t move her left arm and was hospitalized. She had suffered a stroke. The doctors couldn’t figure out why until they saw the hickey on her neck. They concluded that the hickey damaged a major artery and formed a blood clot, which later caused a minor stroke. Luckily, she was given an anti-coagulant, and the clot disappeared after a week.

Add this to your list of worries the next time you’re fooling around with bae. Sigh. 

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