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Heart Evangelista Opened Up About Her Flight Anxiety And It Was So Relatable

PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Flight anxiety, which could lead to aerophobia, is a common experience for people on planes. Everyone goes through it at some point, even celebs who fly on a weekly or monthly basis. 

On a blog post this weekend, Heart Evangelista shared about her struggles with flight anxiety. The PH celebrity, fashion icon, and real crazy rich Asian revealed that even though she's been flying since she was four months old, it doesn't keep the jitters away.


She also shared about its ~peak~, when she accompanied her husband Senator Chiz Escudero on trips during the campaign season in 2016. They would ride helicopters with the windows slightly open, they didn't have earplugs, and they did it for 90 straight days to travel from one province to another.

"I would bring two pillows to block each side of my head, both to drown out the noise and to comfort myself by thinking that if the helicopter crashed, the two pillows could somehow break my fall. Believe me, I thought of the worst-case scenarios and lost all rational thought out of plain fear," Heart wrote. 

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Heart's tips for overcoming flight anxiety?

Bring a "kit" of everything that you'll need during the flight (think: a sleeping mask, a calming balm, even mints). Keep yourself entertained: watch a movie, listen to some music, maybe read a magazine or a book. Also, choose a good airline!

P.S. If you're flying anytime soon, stay away from shows and films such as Seconds Before Disaster or Final Destination.

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