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Heart Evangelista's IG Tribute To Miriam Santiago Will Move You To Tears

'I will be the luckiest girl in history to have you as my second mom.'
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista took to social media after her ‘second mommy’ former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, 71, passed away yesterday morning after a two-year battle with lung cancer. The unlikely duo were inseparable after a chance meeting they had a few years back.

Writing for, Heart says:

“We were both in Rustan’s waiting for our cars when she went up to me in her raincoat and said, “You’re Heart Evangelista, right? My son was fond of you. He would talk about you during dinners!” And then she randomly asked me, “With all the success you have right now, what are you planning to do next?” I just laughed, and during that same conversation she ended up giving me her business card. The kind senator told me that if I ever have any problems, she’d be one call away. And that was the beginning of our friendship.”

Taking to Instagram, Heart published more intimate mementos of their beautiful friendship with a bunch of sweet tidbits. 

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You put so much happiness and positivity in my life that I just can't imagine I can't call you ever again... Tita, I remember you telling me it will be like you just travelled to see your son who you just imagine is studying abroad... I might have to think like that for now.”

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Thank you for being my hero

You would read Vogue for me and in return I would study your law books... You made me study the "serious Einstein subjects" and bring me to meet the "kings and queens" the way you would say it... You showed me so much of the world, put on my slippers when I had a migraine and fed me the best lobsters in bed... I would sleep over for weekends and stay up till 2 a.m. and we would talk about Cleopatra and Grace Kelly... Your big hair and workout clothes, your lambing tone, your sweetness and kisses... When this photo was taken a halo appeared on my screen... Indeed you were and will always be my guardian angel...

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