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Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of 'He's All That'

So. Many. Babes!
he's all that netflix cast

Buckle up for another movie remake we definitely didn't ask for but cannot wait to dig into. Lo and behold: He's All That, the 2021 sex-swapped version of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s 1999 teen movie She's All That. A pic of the Gen Z cast was posted to the movie's IG page back in December, but with the movie dropping recently, we knew a rundown on these beautiful humans was 1,000 percent necessary.

If you love Mean Girls and Freaky Friday (if you don't, you can't sit with us), you'll be enamored with this movie too since Mark Waters also directs it. And I mean, c'mon, a lil cheesy-but-super-cute teen love story never hurt nobody! Get ready to have a fully charged phone battery for your IG deep dive on this cast bc it honestly seems like one of the requirements to be in this movie was "be a complete and total smoke show." We don't make the rules. And we're definitely not mad at the folks who did. Shout-out to the casting director!

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1. Addison Rae

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He's All That character: Padgett Sawyer, aka the lead girl version of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s character

Age: 20

Instagram: @addisonrae

Fun fact: Addison is essentially synonymous with TikTok, but she's transitioned into the traditional entertainment world with a hit single and now, her first movie! We truly love to see it.

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2. Peyton Meyer

He's All That character: Jordan Van Draanen

Age: 22

Instagram: @peytonmeyer

Fun fact: Lucas from Disney Channel's Girl Meets World aged like a damn delight. Come through facial hair!

3. Madison Pettis

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He's All That character: Alden

Age: 23

Instagram: @madisonpettis

Fun fact: Real ones know a young Madison Pettis as Peyton from The Game Plan alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Even *realer* ones met her as Sophie, aka America's angel from the Disney Channel show Cory In The House. But now she's all grown and still doing her thing!

4. Tanner Buchanan

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He's All That character: Cameron Kweller, the guy who gets transformed into a ~total babe~.

Age: 22

Instagram: @tannerbuchananofficial

Fun fact: He is no stranger to Netflix. You've likely seen this (very attractive) face as Robby Keene in Cobra Kai.

5. Myra Molloy

He's All That character: Quinn

Age: 23

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Instagram: @myramolloy

Fun fact: Even though this is her first major production, Myra has already made waves. At just 13 years old, the American-Thai triple threat won Thailand's Got Talent. Srsly, go listen to her sing Moana's "How Far I'll Go" for Walt Disney Studios Thailand and thank me later.

6. Andrew Matarazzo

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He's All That character: Logan

Age: 24

Instagram: @andrewmatarazzo

Fun fact: The Brazilian actor is most-known for his time as Gabe on MTV's Teen Wolf.

7. Isabella Crovetti

He's All That character: Brin Kweller

Age: 16

Instagram: @isabellacrovetti

Fun fact: Isabella has an impressive resume of voice acting in children's shows on Nick Jr. and Disney.

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8. Annie Jacob

He's All That character: Nisha

Instagram: @theanniejacob

Fun fact: Annie has played a variety of roles in her past from a cheerleader to a hacker to a witch. The range!

9. Dominic Goodman

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He's All That character: Track

Instagram: @dominicdgoodman

Fun fact: Before snagging this role in his first movie, Dominic guest-starred in NBC's Young Rock.

10. Rachael Leigh Cook

He's All That character: Anna Sawyer, Padgett's mom

Age: 41

Instagram: @rachaelleighcook

Fun fact: Rachael, who might seem familiar from her starring role in Netflix's Love, Guaranteed, played the female lead in the 1999 She's All That.

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11. Kourtney Kardashian

He's All That character: Jessica Miles Torres

Instagram: @kourtneykardash

Fun fact: For some reason, it just makes sense to me that Addison Rae's BFF would have some type of role in this movie too. Who else was absolutely not surprised to see her in the trailer?


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