PSA: This Hot Swedish Prince Just Made His Instagram Public

Please meet Prince Carl Philip.
PHOTO: Getty Images

Now that Prince Harry is officially off the market, it's time to focus on other royals equally deserving of your attention. Enter Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, who made his Instagram public recently for your viewing pleasure.

Here he is, in all his Swedish automobile driving glory:

If he looks familiar, you may recognize him from this meme that made the rounds before the royal wedding.

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Like, OKAY SWEDEN. This is definitely a copy of the viral Gary Janetti Prince George memes the internet has grown to love, but that's neither here nor there. The Prince is 39 this year, married (unforch), with two children, but that should definitely not stop you from hitting that follow button, because look how adorable his wife Sofia is.

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And his children, how cute are they? This is Alexander.

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Here's the whole fam, including Alexander's little brother Gabriel.

Like, look! They almost seem like normal people here.

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Yes, sure, you may not be able to read the captions because they are in Swedish, but thankfully that's what Google Translate is for. Not like it matters, but Prince Carl is currently fourth in line to the Swedish throne behind his older sister and her two children. He and Sofia got married in 2015, and she's a former model and reality TV show contestant.

Prince Carl and Princess Sofia's account has existed since 2017, but the couple just recently made it public. Right now, it's sitting at 120,000 followers, but my guess is that will change *very* soon. Happy ogling!

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