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Humans Of New York Photo Sparks Emotional Response From People Who Changed Their Mind About Abortions

"Right before we were called back, we looked at each other, and said: 'Let's get out of here.'"

Humans Of New York mastermind Brandon Stanton is really hitting some chords at the moment. Following on from the viral photo of a young boy earlier this month, a new post of a would-be aborted child has sparked an emotional response from people who opted out of abortions at the last minute.


The image, which has almost 700,000 likes on Facebook right now, had the caption:

"I was 16 when my girlfriend got pregnant. We went to the abortion clinic on 59th Street. We filled out the papers and everything. Then right before we were called back, we looked at each other, and said: 'Let's get out of here.'"

A previous post tells the story of when the little girl's father found out that his girlfriend was pregnant:

In response to the photo of the now-father with his young daughter, commenters shared their own personal stories of the abortions they almost had:

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Jenn Tow commented:

"I was there once too I was 15 and pregnant sitting in that waiting room only to realize the choice I was making wasn't for me—my son is now 17 and he actually saved me. There is nothing wrong with being pro-choice—but the [sic] is the true example of pro-choice. They had the options of both and did what was best for their family. She is BEAUTIFUL!"

Erika Rosaly Bonaparte wrote:

"Love this! Went through exactly the same thing!! 17 years and pregnant! Abortion was our option and then we decided not to do it! Almost 12 years later since that day—we are still together! He is now 11 years old! Our biggest blessing! Such an awesome son we have! Added two more to the mix and a proud family of 5 we are! It can be done...not all teen parents are what MTV portrays us to be! Go you! Make us proud!"

Shirley Roberts wrote:

"I was 15 when I fell pregnant,we had been childhood sweethearts since we were 13, our son is now 29 and we have never regretted having him. Me and his dad are still together, 32 years this year, the only man I have ever loved. Teenage pregnancy isn't the tragedy a lot of people make it out to be."

Several others wrote that they were glad the couple had options, and that the choice they made was right for them.

Willam Hargreaves wrote:

"Happy they had the choice. My abortion was the right choice for me. Every person with a uterus deserves that."

Samatra Doyle Glad said:

"You both had a choice, and that you made the right one for you. Beautiful child."

Perry Lowell wrote:

"And that's what pro-choice is all about... having choices. I'm happy for you that you found the right choice for you."

It's so great that photos like these are encouraging people to share their stories in an open space, and hopefully remove stigmas and judgement around women and couples having the right to choose.

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