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Hunger Games Hunk Face-off: Team Peeta or Team Gale?

Because there can only be one winner.

Last year, the first installment of the Hunger Games trilogy made its debut on the silver screen and took the world by storm. It was only a matter of time before the YA book's fandom started taking sides, much like the Twihards cheering for #TeamJacob and #TeamEdward not too long ago.

With Catching Fire showing in theaters on November 21, we’re giving you our take on the Peeta and Gale rivalry. To help you pick a side (if you can), we’ve taken the liberty to give you reasons why we adore these two men.

Ready? Let the games begin!

1. Let's start with LOOKS.

GALE HAWTHORNE: He’s as hunky as they come.
At over six feet tall, you can bet you’ll feel extra safe if he’s watching over you. Katniss even says the only time she smiles is when she’s out with him in the woods.


PEETA MELLARK: He’s the boy next door.
We all know that Peeta made an impression on Katniss after he threw her bread (he works at his family's bakery in District 12) when she was out in the rain. Peeta later admits (on national television, no less) that he’s been in love with Katniss all this time. We have to admit, his whole loving-you-from-afar confession is kinda adorbs. And that body? Pretty ripped from carrying all those sacks of flour!

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LOOKS: The odds are in favor of GALE. We want a man, not a boy. Honey, you can take us into the wilderness any time.

2. Next up: PERSONALITY.

GALE HAWTHORNE: He’s devoted and loyal.
After Katniss volunteered to take over as tribute when her sister’s name got picked at the Reaping, Gale took care of the Everdeens on her behalf. He hunted for them and made sure they were doing well while his best friend fought in the arena.

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PEETA MELLARK: He’s a domesticated hunk.
As a baker, he’s got great skills in the kitchen. While men who can cook are sexy, men who can bake are sexier. He even got to use his cake decorating skills to camouflage himself in the arena!


PERSONALITY: The odds are in favor of PEETA. He's a BAKER. He uses WHIPPED CREAM. Think of all the POSSIBILITIES. 

3. Finally: SEX APPEAL

GALE HAWTHORNE: This shot is worthy of a COSMOMEN centerfold.


PEETA MELLARK: He can take HOT to a whole new level.


SEX APPEAL: The odds are in favor of...

YOU DECIDE! Post your answer as a comment below!