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Are Hyeri And Ryu Jun Yeol From 'Reply 1988' Still Together?

Are Hyeri And Ryu Jun Yeol From Reply 1988 Still Dating
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*June 2021 Update* 

It's a different kind of feeling when we find out that our OTPs and "ships" from K-dramas are dating each other in real life. One such couple is Girl's Day member Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol, who played childhood friends Deok Sun and Jung Hwan in the 2015 drama Reply 1988

We know you're curious about these two, so here's what we know about their relationship: 

How did they meet? 

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri became close while working on Reply 1988 in 2015. Hyeri even talked about an important moment when she personally turned to him for help. At that time, she was auditioning for Reply 1988. "I was worried if the viewers would be as sad as I would be during the crying scene so I was wondering if I could get any tips or know-hows. So I called Ryu Jun Yeol two days before the shoot. We weren't that close back then so I had to pick up the courage to call him. I asked if he could come out to the office and he came gladly without hesitation. He taught me the best." This sounds like a scene straight out of the drama itself. SO CUTE! 


When did they announce their relationship? 

They reportedly started dating in 2016, but their respective agencies confirmed their relationship in August 2017! Jun Yeol's agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the reports,  stating, "Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri recently progressed from being friends to a couple, and they are still in the early stages of their relationship. We apologize to the fans for these surprise dating reports...We ask that people watch over them warmly as their relationship is still in the early stages. Thank you." Hyeri's agency DreamT Entertainment also released a similar statement. 

In September 2017Go Kyung Pyo, who played Sun Woo and starred alongside Hyeri and Jun Yeol in Reply 1988, shared that the news was a surprise to everyone! "I had no idea that they were dating. It was a shock to me as well, because it wasn't apparent. I think no one knew about it. They asked me about it last time on Entertainment Weekly too, and I said that I hope they're able to date without concerning themselves with other people's thoughts." 

Finally, are they *still together*? 

During an interview in November 2019, Hyeri shared: "Although we're busy, we're happily dating...I think I meet him as much as I meet the Girl's Day members." She added that she thinks Jun Yeol enjoyed her recent drama projects and that "Whatever he says, I tend to keep it in mind." 

Hyeri is 27 years old while Jun Yeol is 34. The couple is fairly private about their relationship and rarely talk about each other in interviews. In May 2018, when asked about Hyeri's reaction to his film Believer, Jun Yeol said: "Hyeri hasn't seen Believer yet, but I am curious on how she will react."

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Rumor has it that Hyeri and Jun Yeol were spotted on a bicycle date in Seoul in June 2020, which is pretty rare for the super-secretive couple. The Reply 1988 squad also had a mini-reunion on June 22, 2020, and even though we didn't see Jun Yeol in their photos, fans are convinced that he was with them! Some fans even joked that he was just *late* because of traffic

In June 2021, amid breakup rumors, Hyeri and Jun Yeol were reportedly spotted on a date at a restaurant.

We love you, Deok Sun and Jung Hwan! Stay strong! 

Reply 1988 first aired in South Korea in 2015, and it told the story of five childhood friends and their families who live in the same neighborhood. The show was created by producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung, who also worked on the other Reply series, Prison Playbook, and Hospital Playlist



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