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iKON Opens Up About Bobby's Marriage and B.I's Departure For The First Time

The members also talked about how much Bobby has changed since getting married and becoming a father.
iKON Talks About B.I's Departure and Bobby's Marriage For The First Time
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Channel A Canvas

iKON recently got candid about member Bobby's surprise wedding announcement, leader B.I's departure from the group, and more. 

On June 3, iKON members Bobby, DK, and Junhoe appeared as guests on Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic. 

DK and Junhoe shared how they found out that Bobby was getting married and going to be a father. DK said, "I think he told us all individually. I just hugged him silently. He was crying a lot. It was the first time I’d ever seen him cry that much. Since I know Bobby and his personality so well, the reason I hugged him is because the fact that he told me means that he’s now taking responsibility for a life and that this situation had happened. I could feel all his emotions of fear so there was nothing I could say to him.”

Junhoe added, "His perspective on everything has changed. For me, what I want to do comes first but I feel that he lives with his family in mind first over what he wants."

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Bobby revealed  that he felt apologetic to his members and his young fans, saying, "While it is a blessing to have a baby, it was a situation where I could become an inconvenience for the group I’m in because of the particular job of being an idol. This is a job where you have to become a role model for young children and youth but pregnancy before marriage is not quite exemplary. In terms of that, I felt sorry that I wasn’t exemplary.”

The members also talked about B.I's departure from iKON following his drug use charges. DK shared, "I felt dumbfounded that the leader who did so much for us was not on the team. During that time, I don’t think the members took a single step out of their rooms."

Bobby also expressed his initial worry about iKON's future after the scandal: "Since the pillar-like member who did so much for the team was now gone, I thought, ‘Is this the end of iKON?'”

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