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This Indie Pinoy Band Is Not Afraid To Sing About Seriously *Dark* Topics Involving Women

Meet Bita And The Botflies!
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Bita And The Botflies

I swear, the YouTube "recommended" section is a blessing because it led me to indie Filipino band Bita And The Botflies. In a 2018 interview, Bita And The Botflies described their sound as "groovy, trippy, and kinda creepy. It's blues-rock with poppy melodies." 

When you listen to them for the first time, you won't notice how dark and chilly their songs areuntil you REALLY pay attention to the lyrics. They do give off this creepy vibe and their music videos are sooo aesthetically-pleasing! 


But what I appreciate most about this band is how they talk about real situations that involve women. There aren't many artists out there who openly sing about topics other than *romance*, much less create songs about the objectification of women or domestic violence. This band does both. 

Take "Sisikat Ka Iha," for example. According to the band, the song is told through the perspective of a predator—who's posing as an agent—to emphasize the objectification of women. It also tackles how young girls are exploited and how there's a "shelf life" for women under the male gaze. 

Check out these lyrics: "Samantalahin mo na habang bata ka pa/ Kung kulubot na, wala na kaming paki sa'yo/ Samantalahin habang bata ka pa/ Kung kulubot na, wala ka nang saysay dito." 

Recommended Videos

Bita And The Botflies also tells a story of domestic violence in "Peklat Cream," a woman who gets cheated on in "Chop Chop Blues," and the dangers of drug abuse in "Annie & Ricky."

Here's the SUPER dark video for "Peklat Cream," starring Chynna Ortaleza:

The band, which was formed in 2016, is composed of Sofy Aldeguer (vocals), Rebel Aldeguer (guitar), Kevin Novenario-Navea (guitar), Rheymon Concepcion (bass), and Mark Lincallo (drums).

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