Iñigo Pascual Goes Global In Song Collab With Aussie YouTube Star Wengie

'Iñigo's voice is like an angel's,' Wengie shares.
PHOTO: Instagram/wengie

OMG! Iñigo Pascual is teaming up with Aussie YouTube star Wengie for a special project! The pop star is working with the Chinese Australian on a song called "Mr. Nice Guy," which will be released on April 20.   

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During a recent press conference, Wengie's manager Danny Lee (Asian Agent) shared how Iñigo was specifically chosen to be Wengie's collaborator because of the strong support of the Filipino-American community in Los Angeles.

"Not only is [Iñigo] a natural talent, but he also checks off multiple boxes and I think he's very complementary to Wengie. So we reviewed the content together and we thought that Iñigo would be the perfect one," Danny commented.

On working on the dream project, Iñigo reacts, "It hasn't [sunk] in yet, all this stuff that we've been done in the States, the collaboration that we were able to do while we were in LA. I still can't believe it's all happening so fast."

Iñigo is also set to collaborate with other international artists, and there's even another song release coming out in May.

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"His voice is like an [angel's]," Wengie shares. She also complimented Iñigo on his great dancing ability. Fans of Wengie know she is very passionate when it comes to dancing.

Wengie is known for her songs "Oh I Do," "De Ja Vu," and "Cake."  

"Mr. Nice Guy" will have English, Filipino and Taglish versions. We can't wait to hear it!

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