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3 Inspiring Acceptance Speeches From Our Fave Local Actresses

They talk about self love and important female characters in films!
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

Everyone goes through self-doubt and anxiety, even our favorite actresses. During award ceremonies, it isn't rare for them to open up and talk about their struggles and how they overcame them. 

Here, three recent speeches that'll surely empower you to reach for the stars:  

1. Nadine Lustre on self-love and recognizing your hard work: "Minsan, nakakalimutan nating pasalamatan yung sarili natin."

During her acceptance speech for the Young Critics Circle Film Desk Best Performer Of 2018 awardNadine Lustre urged everyone to be kind to others, and added: "But most of all, be kind to yourself." 

Here's what to do when there are people who doubt you, according to Nadine: "Hangga't kilala mo ang sarili mo, wala kang kailangan patunayan sa ibang tao. At kung pilit ka naman nilang hahatakin pababa at babatuhin ng mga bato, huwag mo silang batuhin ng tinapay. Pulutin mo ang mga bato at gumawa ka ng palasyo." PREACH, KWEEN! 

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Watch her full speech here: 

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2. Kathryn Bernardo on not being *okay* sometimes: "It's okay to get tired in the process."

Kathryn Bernardo won the Best Actress award for her film The Hows Of Us at the most recent PMPC Star Awards. Kath shared that at a certain point in her career, she doubted her capacity as an actress. Like all of us, she was questioning why things weren't working out the way she wanted them to. 

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Kath shared, "Itong award na 'to is a validation that true dedication really pays off. Napatunayan din nito na it's okay to not be okay sometimes. It's okay to get tired in the process. It's okay to fail even. Kasi lahat 'yan parte 'yan ng journey natin. What's important is that you stand up and try again until you're able to make that dream a reality. I share this award sa lahat ng nangangarap."  

Watch her full speech here: 

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3. Anne Curtis on female characters in films: "Females can take on the part as strong leads of any film, of any genre."

ICYMI, Anne Curtis is the first female actress to bag the FMAS FPJ Memorial Award for her performance in BuyBustThe award is given to action stars who are considered icons in the industry. Anne actually posted her ~real~ acceptance speech on Instagram, because she "fumbled for words" during the actual awarding ceremony! 

In 2018, Anne did three films, each with different genres and strong female lead roles. Anne said, "This goes to show it is an amazing and exciting time in the industry where females can take on the part as strong leads of any film, of any genre." 

At the end of her caption, she wrote, "I also dedicate this to the Filipino youth who continue to have high hopes and work hard to pursue their dreams. Mabuhay ang pelikulang Pilipino. I pray that there will be many more films with kickass strong female leads." 

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Read her full speech here: 

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