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5 Hacks To Level Up Your Instagram Stories

So cool!
PHOTO: istockphoto, (MAYWARD) Jico Joson

Nowadays, it's no longer just our Instagram feed that needs curating. You also need to put more effort into making your Instagram Stories more creative; after all, it's a more real-time approach for your followers to see what you've been up to.

Want to level up your IG Story game? Here are five easy hacks you need to master first! The video lists five simple tricks:

1. Rainbow text

Wrap any text you like in rainbow hues simply by dragging the color picker across the highlighted text.

2. Collage right on the app

Instagram makes collaging photos so easy now—you don't need to leave the app anymore! To do this, simply copy any photo from your camera roll and go back into the app. The photo will automatically pop up as a sticker on the IG app which you can add on the same story you're working on.

3. Boomerang with a live photo

Upload any live photo you've taken on your iPhone and directly upload it as an Instagram story and just before you publish it, hold down on the image to make the live photo run on loop, just like a boomerang.

4. Avoid uploading low-res photos

Instagram stories post photos on a different scale and when you upload photos that don't fit the size, it leaves the photo looking a bit pixelated. Here's the workaround for that: using the camera roll's own mark up settings, crop the image to the 9:16 setting before uploading to IG where the said app won't have to compress your image to upload it.


5. Magic eraser photo

Here's a trick that will bring back some childhood nostalgia. Reveal your hidden photo by using the erase tool. Achieve this by coloring over your image—take the brush tool, choose a color overlay, hold down the screen to color entire area—and then switch to the eraser to write or doodle over it, eventually revealing the photo underneath. So cool!

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