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The Internet Has *A Lot* To Say About Paolo Contis Inviting Yen Santos To Baguio 'As A Friend'

Tag someone you'd like to go to Baguio with... as a friend!
paolo contis, yen santos
PHOTO: instagram/paolo_contis

ICYMI, Paolo Contis finally broke his silence on the alleged third party issue, particularly about the *mystery woman* he was recently spotted with in Baguio City.

In the same post where the actor admitted to being unfaithful to his former partner LJ Reyes, Paolo also took to Instagram to defend Yen Santos and clarified that "she was never the reason" for their breakup. And while he confirmed that Yen was indeed the same woman in the viral Baguio video, he claimed that she was only there to accompany him "as a friend."

He explained, "When LJ left for the States with the kids, I went to Baguio for 3 days dahil ayaw ko sa Manila at gusto kong makapag isip isip. Naging insensitive ako about the possible effects nung issue and I invited Yen for a day para may makausap since malapit lang siya sa North din. She went there as a friend. Hindi ko naisip na madadamay siya ng ganito. I'm sorry for this."


Shortly after his statement, netizens couldn't help but weigh in on the issue. "Baguio" easily became a top trending topic in the Philippines, with memes and internet reactions alluding to his now-infamous "as a friend" quote.

While some of the tweets directly react to the Paolo-LJ-Yen issue, many of them are from netizens poking fun at the ~controversy~ and are now looking for a friend to travel to Baguio with. LOL!

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LJ and Paolo have been in a relationship for six years before they parted ways, which the actress has confirmed in an emotional interview. They have a daughter, Summer, who's now two years old.

Paolo and Yen have recently starred in the Netflix movie A Faraway Land.


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