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Paolo Contis On *That* Viral Video With Yen Santos: 'She went there as a friend'

'She was never the reason of our break up.'
Paolo Contis Says Yen Santos Was Not The Reason Of LJ Reyes Breakup

*September 9, 2021 Update*

Paolo Contis recently addressed issues surrounding his breakup with LJ Reyes through several Instagram posts. One part of his statement was about his A Faraway Land co-star Yen Santos, who has been accused of being the third party in the relationship. 

Paolo wrote: "She was never the reason of our break up. I was. Kung matagal na kaming hindi okay ni LJ, it was mainly because of me. Masyado niyo siyang diniin sa issue na 'to. Pati pag-promote namin ng movie nabahiran na ng kung anu-ano."

He added that after LJ and the children flew to the US, he went to Baguio..."Dahil ayaw ko sa Manila at gusto kong makapag-isip-isip. Naging insensitive ako about the possible effects nung issue and I invited Yen for a day para may makausap since malapit lang siya sa North din. She went there as a friend. Hindi ko naisip na madadamay siya ng ganito. I'm sorry for this."


Paolo also confirmed that he has been unfaithful to LJ. You can read his full post here.


Netizens believe it was Paolo Contis that a TikTok user spotted in Manaoag, Pangasinan.

"Sino kaya 'tong nakita namin sa Manaoag Church?" read Mica Ancheta's post.

Mica captured the sighting on camera, where we can see a couple walking on the street. They were both wearing a face mask and a face shield. While the angle was mostly from the side and behind, the man appeared to resemble Paolo in terms of exposed facial features and his physique. The woman, on the other hand, was shorter than Paolo and had long, straight, black hair. 


Sino kaya tong nakita namin sa manaoag church?

? original sound - Mica Ancheta

"Nung August 27 pa 'yan," Mica clarified by commenting on her video. Netizens also claim they spotted Paolo and the same woman the day before in Baguio City.

Some users speculated the woman could be Paolo's A Faraway Land leading lady, Yen Santos.

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"Obviously, it's Yen," one netizen commented.

Netizen's reply to viral video of Paolo Contis with a mysterious woman who happens to be Yen Santos
TikTok/Mica Ancheta

Another netizen looked for similarities between the couple's footwear and those Yen and Paolo have been seen to wear on Insta.

"Check niyo IG ni Yen yung naka-sando siya na black, same ng suot na sandals. Tapos si Paolo naman sa IG din yung naka-upo siya sa motor, same din ng slippers."

Netizen's reply pointing out the similarities between the couple's footwear in the viral video and those of Yen and Paolo have been seen to wear on Insta
TikTok/Mica Ancheta

"Hoy, yung sandals same doon sa post ni Yen sa IG!"

Netizen's pointing out that Paolo Contis and Yen Santos wearing the same sandals in their IG post
TikTok/Mica Ancheta

Rumors of separation between Paolo and his partner LJ Reyes started circulating after Paolo unfollowed and deleted LJ's photos on his IG. At the time, LJ continued to follow Paolo and kept his photos on her IG.

On September 1, Boy Abunda released an interview with LJ on YouTube, who recently flew to the US with her kids Summer and Aki, her son with Paulo Avelino

The first time they broke up, LJ said she swallowed her pride and asked for another chance.

"Tinanong ko siya if he wants to take us back. Pero hindi na daw.

When Paolo unfollowed LJ and deleted all her pics on Insta, LJ said she felt "disrespected" for herself and her kids. At the time, she had already told Paolo of her plans to bring the children to the US.

As of this writing, Paolo has refused to comment on their separation and LJ has unfollowed Paolo on IG. It looks like she has also deleted all of his photos.

LJ Reyes unfollows Paolo Contis on IG

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