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This Is Why The Internet Is *Shipping* Bea Alonzo And Jake Ejercito

What a random pairing, right?

On Sunday, October 15, Bea Alonzo threw a ~whimsical~, secret garden-themed party for her 32nd birthday. All her closest friends from showbiz were in attendanceAngel Locsin, Dimples Romana, Paulo Avelino, Anne Curtis, and more! But one attendee stood out from the rest, Jake Ejercito.

The two were filmed in a fun and high-key kilig video while playing a staring contest! "Five seconds. Game! Walang malisya," said Bea playfully on cam. Jake tried to keep eye contact with Bea but failed miserably and shyly looked away instead! The video was originally posted on Jake's Instagram Stories, and in the caption, he wrote, "At my worst." Grabeeee!

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Unsurprisingly, the cute vid made the rounds online with people shipping Bea and Jake! The internet already even came up with their "couple" name: Jaea. LOL!

While it isn't clear how Jake and Bea know each other, according to, Jake was spotted at the party hanging with Bea's stylist Maita Baello and her long-time photographer-slash-friend Mark Nicdao.

We don't know if these two are a ~thing~ or not, but one thing's for sure: They cute together. ;)