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8 'Itaewon Class' Actors To Follow On Instagram

Can't get enough of the Danbam crew?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bohyunahn; (RIGHT) Instagram/d_a___m_i

You're never truly done with a show you're obsessed with until you've exhausted all the content you can find on the internet. For example: Stalking the entire cast's social media accounts. For die-hard Itaewon Class fans, it means following all of the actors on Instagram, aside from Park Seo Joon of course (who you probably already follow anyway.)

To ease your IG search, below we round up eight of the popular K-ddrama's actors and their respective Instagram handles so you can quickly press that blue button.

Park Seo Joon as Park Saeroyi

Instagram handle: @bn_sj2013

Leave it to the series’ lead, Park Seo-joon to provide Itaewon Class fans with premium behind-the-scenes photos from the show on his personal IG account.  Catch a still shot of the actor falling over a mattress to break Park Saeroyi’s epic fall while wearing his Danbam mascot costume in episode three. Plus, scrolling through his stylish OOTDs ain’t a bad pastime either

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Kim Da-mi as Jo Yiseo

Instagram handle: @d_a___m_i

Jo Yiseo may be a successful blogger and social media influencer on IC, but don’t expect as much daily content from Kim Da-mi’s Instagram. Either way even if she doesn’t post much you’ll love the adorable photos of herself already up on her account.

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Kwon Nara as Oh Sooah

Instagram handle: @hv_nara

If you want to follow someone from the cast who keeps their Instagram account constantly updated, Kwon Nara’s got you covered. She's serving fashion and beauty inspo aplenty.

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Kim Dong Hee as Jang Geunso

Instagram handle: @kim_d.he

Did you know that shy and timid Jang Geunso’s actually a cool kid on Instagram? When he’s not posting BTS photos of himself on set or promoting his latest projects, Kim Dong Hee’s proudly showing off snaps of his pet cats! And honestly that’s more than enough for us to hit the follow button.

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Lee Joo Young as Ma Hyeon Yi

Instagram handle: @i_icaruswalks

Fans of Danbam’s chief cook will get a treat out of her instagram account. Seriously, it’s just an entire endless repository of Lee Joo Young’s immaculate face. Definitely no biases here! Scroll back further enough and you’ll catch photos of her pre-pixie cut days.

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Ahn Bo Hyun as Jang Geunwon

Instagram handle: @bohyunahn

It’s true, Ahn Bo Hyun’s IG proves the actor’s far from the spiteful antagonist he plays on the show. Fingers crossed he gets verified soon!

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Chris Lyon as Kim Toni

Instagram handle: @chrislyonsf

Chris Lyon who plays Toni in the series is quite the dancer if the videos on his Instagram are any indication. And for those wondering, yes, he can speak fluent English.

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Ryu Kyung Soo as Choi Seung Kwon

Instagram Handle: @ryurudtn

We're calling it, you'll be visiting  Ryu Kyung Soo’s IG just to see photos of him with a full head of hair, then find yourself staying for all the interesting movie recommendations. 

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