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Random Reminder That 'Itaewon Class' Star Ahn Bo Hyun Was Also In 'Descendants Of The Sun'

In case you missed this!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bohyunahn; (RIGHT) Itaewon Class/JTBC

Today in things you might have not noticed or have already forgotten: Itaewon Class star Ahn Bo Hyun was actually also in Descendants Of The Sun! That’s right, the same guy who played Jangga Co.'s heir Jang Geun Won was also Piccolo in Song Joong Ki aka Big Boss’ company!

Prepare yourselves for some #throwback pics:

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Here he is posing with Song Hye Kyo aka Dr. Kang/Beauty!

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And with the villain of DOTS, Argus:

Who could forget this scene?!

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Of course he has pics with the show’s star, Joong Ki:

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During a recent guesting the show Men On A Mission/Knowing Brothers, Bo Hyun revealed that after he did Descendants of the Sun, he still took part-time jobs, particularly working in construction, to make ends meet. Host Kang Ho Dong was surprised to hear this and asked if people recognized him, to which he answered: “I didn’t get that famous. I was one of the five members from the team. But I still had to pay rent. I had a good role, but that’s it.”

He shared that while he had limited screen time, his friends back in his hometown in Busan, South Korea, believed he was already as famous as Joong Ki! (Because that’s what true friends are for!) “If I’m on TV for five minutes, that’s a lot of screen time for me. They’d screenshot the scene. I’d be grateful.”

He also recalled that his friends would brag about knowing him, and in particular instance, they video-called him and he was wearing a constrution safety hat. They asked him if he was filming a drama, but he explained that he was just working in a construction site. When his friends realized the situation, they all choked up. 

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So much respect for this guy! 

You can watch episode 232 of Men On A Mission/Knowing Brothers on Viu for the full interview.

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