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A Guide To All Of IU's Korean Dramas Before 'Hotel Del Luna'

PHOTO: (1) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo/SBS, (2) Instagram/dlwlrma, (3) Persona/Netflix

You guys, Korean singer-songwriter and actress IU is all over the internet (again!) ever since her latest drama, Hotel Del Luna, premiered on TV. People are gushing over her outfits, the cameo appearances, and the cinematography! 

Here, a list of all of IU's dramas and TV shows for you to enjoy:


1. Hotel Del Luna (2019)

IU stars as Man Wol, the CEO of a hotel in Seoul that's for ~dead~ people! Because of a big mistake she made years ago, Man Wol is stuck at the Hotel Del Luna. She can only leave the hotel if someone commits a worse sin than her, but here's the catch: She can't remember what she exactly did!

2. Persona (2019)

The anthology series consists of four short films/episodes with IU playing different characters. She stars as a girl who seeks revenge, a woman playing an intense game of tennis, and more! 

3. My Mister (2018)

The drama tells the story of a struggling man (Lee Sun Gyun) in his 40s and a "cold" 20-something woman (IU) who has gone through many hardships in life but who finally learns to trust someone for the first time. The series received some criticism for its older man-younger woman love story.  

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4. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (2016)

During a solar eclipse, a modern-day woman (IU) is transported back to the Goryeo Dynasty! She is caught in a dramatic love triangle between the Eighth and Fourth princes of the royal family.   

5. The Producers (2015) 

IU plays the role of Cindy, a famous singer and celebrity, who debuted when she was only a teenager. Cincy is called the "Ice Princess" because of her poker face. The drama follows the lives of people who work in the entertainment production industry. 

6. Bel Ami (2013) 

Also known as Pretty Boy or Beautiful Man, this series follows plain Bo Tong (IU) and her super huge crush on the gorgeous Ma Te (Jang Keun Suk). She will do anything to help him succeed in finding his father.  

7. You Are The Best! (2013)

This drama is about a family whose members must deal with the sudden death of their father. IU's character, Soon Shin, was named after a famous male general (it's not exactly a name typically associated with girls). Soon Shin lives in the shadow of her *prettier* and *smarter* older sisters but shines when she discovers the art of acting.   


8. Dream High (2011)

The series tells the story of six students at the prestigious Kirin High School as they train to become K-pop idols and artists. IU plays Kim Pil Sook, a shy and overweight teenager with the gift of perfect pitch! 

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