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Ivana Alawi Surprises Her Brother With His Own Lot

Get ready for some tears.
Ivana Alawi and Hash Alawi

We all know the Alawis looove pulling pranks on each other. In fact, a favorite is when Ivana covered her brother Hash's bed with fake cockroaches before waking him up. But the fans know it's just how these siblings show their love. 

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Always thinking of her family first, Ivana decided to surprise her brother with a special gift. In her latest vlog, the actress explains that Hash never really asks for anything: "Si brother, ayaw niya ng mga Rolex, ayaw niya ng mga bag...kasi, simpleng tao lang siya, e. Hindi naman daw niya sinusuot." Ivana decided to buy him his own lot "para at least, magagamit niya. Puwede niya ipatayo para sa magiging asawa niya, sa mga anak niya. For his future." Her goal is for her family to all live in the same subdivision.


She asks her brother to drive her to check on where their new house will be built—and yes, we get to see the design!

Ivana Alawi new house design
Take a look at the design of Ivana Alawi's new home. YOUTUBE/IVANA ALAWI
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They then subtly tell Hash that they have one more thing to check, and this is when you should get your tissue box ready.

After they arrive, Ivana hands the papers to Hash, and his reaction is, "Why does it have my name? Is this a prank?" "Tunay!" 

Ivana explains, "You said you don't want stuff, so we decided to get you a land," to which he responds, "It's too much, Mariam." (Mariam is Ivana's legal name.)

Watch the sweet moment below:


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