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8 BL Dramas You Can Watch On iWant Very Soon

Calling all '2gether: The Series' fans!
BL series on iwant

Great news for all the Boys' Love (BL) fans out there: In a video released on September 10, iWant announced that the Thai dramas I'm Tee, Me Too (coming September 18), Dark Blue Kiss, Theory Of Love, A Tale Of Thousand Stars, and The Shipper will be airing on the streaming service soon! At present, the dramas 2gether, Still 2gether, and Come To Me are already available.

If you can't decide what to watch first, below is a quick guide to each show. Enjoy!!

1. I'm Tee, Me Too 

The short, honest plot: When six guys, all called "Tee" but with different personalities, start living under the same roof, chaos—and romance—begins.  

2. Dark Blue Kiss 

The short, honest plot: This sequel to Kiss Me Again continues Kao, Pete, Sun, and Mork's story and gives us jealousy, unrequited love, and more drama! (via My Drama List


3. Theory Of Love 

The short, honest plot: A college student has been in love with his best friend for years, but it seems like his BFF only sees him as a friend. 


4. A Tale Of Thousand Stars 

The short, honest plot: The recipient of a heart transplant decides to fulfill his donor's dream: to see a thousand stars with her boyfriend. 

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5. The Shipper 

The short, honest plot: When a fangirl *dies* before her time and switches bodies with a guy, she sees it as an opportunity to make her ultimate BL ship sail. 

6. Come To Me 

The short, honest plot: A ghost who's been wandering for years and who can't even remember his own name strikes up a cute friendship with the only person who can see him. 

7. 2gether: The Series 

The short, honest plot: The fake relationship between two college students (Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajor and Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree) turns into the real thing! 

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8. Still 2gether 

The short, honest plot: The sequel to 2gether: The Series continues Sarawat and Tine's adorable love story, but there's a major problem: They get into a long-distance relationship


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