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Iya Villania Gets Real About Her Recent Childbirth Experience: 'My longest and most painful delivery'

Regarding her fourth child's delivery, Iya said it was her 'longest one yet.'
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PHOTO: instagram/iyavillania

ICYMI, Iya Villania gave birth to her fourth child with Drew ArellanoIn a series of Instagram Stories shared on Saturday, June 4, Iya shared a behind the scenes look at her recent childbirth experience. First, she shared a selfie captioned, "Could it be today??" Then her followers got to see a boomerang clip of Iya dancing, IV fluids in hand.

iya iya villania induces labor to give birth to her fourth child
Iya shared a boomerang clip of her dancing: "Let's induce this labor, ladies and gentlemen!" instagram/iyavillania
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In a separate Instagram post, the actress and TV host went on to call this her "longest and most painful delivery, but also the most special." It turns out Iya had prayed for an unmedicated birth—and her prayers were eventually granted! "I was at 6 cm and giving up when I asked for the drugs when all of a sudden God flipped a switch and I delivered 30-40 minutes after!!!...He opened my cervix up before the drugs came. What an experience." 

iya villania, childbirth
Iya shared that despite it being her fourth delivery, "this one is my longest one yet." instagram/iyavillania
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iya villania post-childbirth selfie
"DONE! Baby out!!!!" captioned the happy mother. instagram/iyavillania

Iya also gave fans a quick peek at baby #4, who we now know is named Astro Phoenix Arellano. The family is now a household of six, with Astro joining his older sibs: five-year-old kuya Primo, three-year-old kuya Leon, and soon to be two years old ate Alana.

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iya villania post-childbirth with baby Astro
Iya posted a quick selfie with her fourth child, Astro Phoenix Arellano. instagram/iyavillania

Always keeping it real, Iya shared a selfie featuring her post-partum baby bump. Iya previously shared unedited photos of her pregnancy body, along with a very uplifting message for fellow moms-to-be: "For those of you who know me, I’m quite conservative. So to see me in a swimsuit must mean I’m confident. And for some reason, it’s when I’m pregnant that I feel my sexiest and most confident."

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iya villania post-partum belly
Iya gave her followers an unfiltered look at her "post delivery belly pic." instagram/iyavillania

Congrats Iya and Drew, and welcome to the Villania-Arellano family, baby Astro!


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