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Iza Calzado Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 And Is Recovering Well

She was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus.
PHOTO: instagram/missizacalzado

Iza Calzado's manager, Noel Ferrer, has announced in a Facebook post that the actress received her test results on March 27 after being hospitalized for pneumonia and was subsequently tested for COVID-19. She has tested positive for the disease.

"She is recovering well as she was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus. She can actually breathe now without any oxygen assistance," Noel wrote.

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"She will be tested again to see if she is already negative," he added. Her husband Ben Wintle and the other people she has interacted with have not shown any symptoms.

"She doesn’t know where she contracted the virus from, but it’s best for all of us to take seriously the advice of doctors and health authorities on proper hygiene, physical distancing, quarantine, and social responsibility."

We wish you a speedy recovery, Iza!

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