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James And Phil Younghusband Bring Football And Fashionalism Closer To Your Heart

Everybody's talking about the hottest boys in Philippine sports. And now this nationalistic local brand has got them wearing their Pinoy pride, quite literally, on their sleeves.

One name has brought all eyes on Philippine football, and it is Younghusband. Be honest, how up-to-date were you on the sport before English-Filipino brothers James and Phil came onto the scene? Chances are, unless you were already a sports buff to begin with, these boys have made you rethink ditching your man on his sports night to hang out with your girl friends.

Now, even the fashion world has taken notice. One of the pioneers of local retail brands, Collezione-C2, has snagged the famous Azkal duo as the brand ambassadors of their newest line of nationalistic clothing (which started off the buzz word "fashionalism"). Famous for their My Pilipinas shirt designed by Rhett Eala, Collezione-C2 now releases a new collection of apparel that will make you proud to be Filipino.

At the press launch, columnist Bianca Valerio asked the boys to describe their own personal styles, and the pieces in this collection display just the right mix of preppy and sporty, representing both James and Phil's different tastes. You gals can get in on the action, too, with the release of colorful, fun, and fresh clothing for both men and women. (Here's how you can easily get your man to cop the Younghusbands' porma, too!)

But as two much-in-demand public figures, why did the the boys choose this particular brand out of all the other offers? James reveals the reasons behind their decision, saying, "We have something in common [with Collezione-C2]—a love for originality, creativity, Pinoy pride, and living out one's passion." Just as James and Phil Younghusband helped put the Philippines on the global football map, you, too, can represent our nation by wearing your love for the country on your sleeve.

Check out the gallery by clicking the button below for the newest set of drool-worthy photos of these hunks who are steaming up both Philippine football and fashion!

We have more photos of the Younghusbands and the Azkals waiting to be posted on soon! Watch for them!

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