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We're Gushing Over This Vid Of James Reid ~*Carrying*~ Daniel Padilla To The Dance Floor

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/supremo_dp, (RIGHT) Twitter/galiyamarie1

We rarely see Kapamilya stars Daniel Padilla and James Reid interact with each other, but this weekend, we were #blessed with adorable Daniel + James content! In a video reposted by Twitter user @galiyamarie1, we see Daniel being urged by people around him to dance. A super shy Daniel kept shaking his head, so James took the ~persuasion~ up a notch by actually hugging him from behind and half-carrying Daniel to the dance floor. 

We're absolutely LIVING for this cute bromance


In case you were wondering, the sweet moment took place at the ASAP in Rome afterparty. On Twitter, fans couldn't help but gush over the two, saying things like: "I never thought I'd live to see James almost carrying Daniel to the dance floor" and "When things get rough, don't forget that James Reid carried Daniel Padilla on the dance floor." 

Another commented: "When can I see something like this from Naddie and Kath?" SAME, GURL, SAME.

This vid also prompted fans to ask for more Daniel + James content, saying: "We need a James Reid and Daniel Padilla movie!" They even have a tentative ship name now: JaNiel. 

During a 2018 interview, James said that there is no actual rivalry between him and DJ, even though they entered showbiz at around the same time and their love teams are constantly being pitted against each other. 

"I don't really notice," he shared. "I know Daniel is a busy guy just like me and if we were normal people, it would probably be different. But people can't help but compare. That's fine. It's part of the job."

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In May 2019, James and Daniel collaborated—for the first time—on a project: An *action-packed* advertisement for Pepsi. 

We're looking forward to more bromance moments from JaNiel! 

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