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We're Still Not Over The Awkwardness Of JaDine's Car Sex On 'TIMY'

We wish Iris (Nadine Lustre's character) didn't cry after. It made Basti (played by James Reid) look like he just took advantage of her.

Our first thought: Why did it have to be in a car? (Not that we're complaining about the whole thing.)

Our second thought: Why did Iris (played by Nadine Lustre) have to cry right after?! Major buzz kill. 

The October 25 episode of the hit ABS-CBN teleserye Till I Met You marked a milestone, as it was "the first time that James Reid and Nadine Lustre did a sensual scene in a teleserye," reported

We agree that it was a milestone, but it wasn't exactly sensual all the way. There were awkward momentsand that's not necessarily a bad thing; it was a car sex scene, after all.

We watch the teleserye to get our escapist fix, so it kind of ruined things when Iris (Nadine) started crying the morning after and told Basti (James), "Iiwan mo na ba ako kasi nakuha mo na ako? ...Bakit ba kasi natin ginawa ito, e!" 

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OMG which century are you living in, Iris? We almost want to make you read this story!:

In any case, here's the video, which undoubtedly served its purpose of making everyone kilig:

Iris didn't regret being with Bastishe was sad about how it happened—specifically the location and circumstances. Because, yes, every person deserves to experience their first time in a safe, secure, and, most of all, comfortable place.

This is why we only swooned by about 30% when Basti told Iris, "Iris, ano ba sinasabi mo, I love you, okay?" We said, "Dude, ano ka ba? You don't get it!"



To top it all off, Basti just borrowed that car from their friend Ali (JC Santos). So, yeah, that's going to be another awkward detail.

But, hey, love conquers alleven cringe-worthy moments. We only wish the whole encounter didn't upset Iris so much. If she didn't want to have sex in the car, she could've just said no. And did they use protection?! This would be the cliché of all clichés if she gets knocked up after her first time.

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Here's what some JaDine fans thought of the scene:

How about you? How did you find Iris and Basti's scene? TBH, Blair x Chuck's car sex on Gossip Girl is still the winner in our books:

Quick, go to the 0:44 mark!


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