James Reid's Surprise Pool Party Was Lit AF

Where was our invite, Nadz?
PHOTO: Instagram/andreisuleik

James Reid just gave us, his super loyal band of followers, a sneak peek into his ultra-exclusive surprise pool party on May 10.  

Birthday boy Hayme celebrated his 23rd birthday in a private resort in Antipolo hills, and, as we all know, the pool party salubong was organized by GF Nadine Lustre and James’ BFF Bret Jackson.

It seems James is still on a birthday high after posting a photo grid of the celebration on Instagram. James and Nadz, along with their close family and friends, sister Lauren Reid, and main bros Bret Jackson and Sam Concepcion obvs had the best time that night.

Here’s James’ epically ~cool~ photo grid on IG:

God, how we wish we were there.

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