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Jayzam Just Released A Rap Song After The *Controversial* JaMill Cheating Issue

Fans said they cried while listening to it!
jamill rap song

*Trigger Warning: depression, self-harm* 

There's a new update from controversial YouTube couple JaMillJayzam Manabat just released a rap song. The track is called "Problema Ko" and it talks about dealing with life's problems, trying to hide the pain, and wondering if one should seek help. The song gets more serious towards the end, and it even describes a graphic scene involving self-harm.

Commenters on the official video said they cried while listening to the song and that it reminds them to turn to God when the going gets tough. Fans added that it proves Jayzam is really regretful about his past mistakes. One wrote: "Sobrang nakaka-proud lang na kahit gaano pa man kabigat yung pagsubok na dumaan sa kanila, 'di sila basta basta nagpatibag at tinalikuran yung tagal ng kanilang pinagsamahan. So proud of you, JaMill."

The JaMill controversy 

The couple became the topic of conversation in April after Camille Trinidad said Jayzam cheated on her with multiple women. The ~drama~ even reached Raffy Tulfo's radio program Wanted Sa RadyoEarlier this month, the couple trended again after a netizen spilled more tea about the issue while defending his friend Nyca, who was mentioned by Camille in her now-deleted post as one of the women Jayzam supposedly cheated with.


Jayzam and Camille seemed to have gotten back together and have continued to release videos on their YouTube channel. At present, JaMill has 12.4 million subscribers

If you're *clueless* and you have absolutely no idea what's going on, click here for a brief intro on JaMill. 


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