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Janella Salvador On Elmo Magalona: 'He hurt me and I can never tolerate that'

PHOTO: Instagram/johnvalle20

Janella Salvador has finally spoken up about what happened between her and Elmo Magalona. In an interview for The Philippine Star with Ricky Lo, the young celeb claimed that Elmo, her love team partner, physically hurt her while under the influence of alcohol.

The “incident” first happened earlier this year, and according to Janella, Elmo claimed that he had no memory of what happened. She forgave him and he promised that he wouldn’t do it again.

However, it did happen again, this time during a party hosted by Janella’s friend. She revealed that she fought back by slapping Elmo because she felt “disrespected.”

"For two years, I focused on Elmo and myself. This time, I am giving more attention to myself."


“My purpose in speaking now is not to shame him or to put him down; I just want to correct the lies being spread against me and my mom, and to let the truth out. I thought long and hard before I decided to speak out. I gave [Elmo] the chance to speak up and own up to what he did but it seems that somebody is stopping him from doing it,” Janella explained.  

She added, “For two years, I focused on Elmo and myself. This time, I am giving more attention to myself. He hurt me and I cannot, can never tolerate that.” The pair first starred in a TV series called Born For You in 2016 and worked on the film My Fairy Tail Love Story, which was released this year.

Janella also went solo to this year’s ABS-CBN Ball, after attending the event with Elmo in the past. Even the ball's hosts noticed his absence during the livestream, and so did ElNella fans.

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Janella's mom Jenine Desiderio has been hinting at the "incident" on Twitter for the past month:


According to Janella, she and Jenine are working on their not-so-smooth relationship and that they're "fixing things." The actress said in the Philippine Star interview: "I may not agree with the extreme way she expresses her feelings but I realized that her intentions are good. At the end of the day, I now know that my mom is there for me."

When Ricky Lo asked if she still loves Elmo, Janella replied, “I did say na love ko siya. Hindi naman ganoon kabilis mawawala yun.” 

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