Janine Gutierrez Shares How She Got Abs In 27 Days

Having BJ Pascual as her fitness buddy helped her out a lot!
PHOTO: Instagram/janinegutierrez

On Saturday, May 26, GMA-7 actress Janine Gutierrez uploaded a vlog on how she was able to achieve abs in just 27 days.

The Kapuso star's desired result for a magazine shoot also served as her motivation to go back to the gym.

She said, "I'm that type of person that if I don't have a beach trip or kung wala naman akong pinaghahandaan na shoot, I'm medyo tamad talaga mag-workout.

"That's why I was excited to say yes, to push myself, and to have a reason, to have a goal."

She added, "Last year, sobrang hindi ako nagwo-work out. Nag-enjoy lang talaga ako.

"I rarely work out pero hindi yung talagang rigid routine and regular diet schedule.

"That's why I really started being disciplined only when I found out that I had to do the shoot and when I found out the date of the shoot."

Janine said the first step is: "You need to set your goal."

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In her case, she wanted to have abs.

She added, "But my personal trainer really asked me what my goal was.

"I don't want to gain so much muscle, I just want to be lean, and fit, and toned.

"So he worked with my goals and worked with workouts that I enjoyed."

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Janine has done boxing and tried Pilates the past few years, but she's not the type who goes to the gym regularly. 

She said, "I started a bit slow, just trying to get used to cardio again and really learning my way through the gym."

Eventually, Janine found the rhythm to achieve her goal.

During her month-long journey, she learned the importance of doing exercises for the whole body and not just a single area.

"It's important to work out all the different parts of your body because it has to be a unified collective workout."

Janine also revealed her favorite workout equipment: fitness resistance bands, which add an extra challenge to bodyweight exercises without putting pressure on the joints that external weights, such as dumbbells and kettlebells, do. 

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"I love fitness bands because it really feels like these small movements really target the muscles that you need to exercise, and you can bring them anywhere. A few reps [burn] all the right spots."

Her go-to work-out routine is actually Pilates, a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Its low-impact exercises aim to strengthen the muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. 

The actress said, "I've been doing this for a few years now, but lately, hindi ako makapag-schedule because of my schedule and because of their schedule."

Talking about her go-to Pilates studio, Janine continued, "But I always do Pilates here in Options and it has never failed me.

"And since we have one week left, seven days left. Guys, desperate measures na ito."

Toward the end of the video, Janine left her major takeaway from the 27-day challenge.

She said, "One of the things that really helped me was that I didn't really start from scratch.

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"I started going to the gym maybe once every two weeks.

"That helps because I didn't start from super zero."

Having a workout buddy also helps.

"It's so important for me to be doing this with a friend, which is BJ [Pascual], na talagang every time magpo-post ako ng Insta Story na may pizza or ng madaming pagkain, magme-message iyan na, 'Hoy, malapit na shoot natin!'

"So malaking bagay na if you have like a fitness buddy who will keep you in check and make sure that you go to your workouts and everything."

Of course, her rumored boyfriend Rayver Cruz, who is a gym buff, also accompanied her a couple of times.

Janine said, "Good thing I had a fitness buddy for an added push and to be my cameraman."

She asked Rayver, "Anong masasabi mo sa pagdyi-gym ko?"

Rayver smiled and answered, "You're so strong na."

And to those who are also having their own fitness journey, her advice is to mix up the routines.

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She explained, "It gives you like variety so you don't get bored with your workout."

Did she have tinatamad days?

One time, she missed a workout session because her "puson hurts," but she promised to "make it up" the following day.

She also had to stop making "excuses," so even if she was out of town for a mall show in Zamboanga, she found a way to included a gym workout in her schedule.

A week before her deadline, she said, sounding excited, "Parang may abs na ako," but the minute she put out her camera, "nawala, nahihiya."

How about her food intake?

Janine replied, "Diet was so important. I learned this from experience na there [are] so many options when it comes to healthy food and clean food.

"So kaya pala, kaya pala talaga siya i-incorporate sa lifestyle."

If you have been procrastinating your trip to the gym, she said, "The hardest part is always the beginning but once you get used to working out...your body adjusts to it, magugulat ka what your body can do."

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After the challenge, she giggled," back to normal na ulit tayo."

She ended, "These moments are really just for special occasions, so ako, I'm just working on keeping this sort of lifestyle up.

"I think it's so important to keep that balance of enjoying yourself and indulging while keeping a healthy lifestyle, so I'm glad that this was like a learning experience also for me, I hope I helped or I hope you learned something from me, too."

Check out Janine's vlog here:


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