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January 8, 2014: 5 Conversation Starters This Morning

Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.

1 Momma drama! Heart Evangelista is reportedly still not in good terms with her mom Cecile Ongpauco, after Cecile snubbed her daughter in Greenbelt. The actress approached her mom for a kiss, but Cecile rebuffed her—causing Heart to cry. (Female Network)

2 Wow! Is the Uber app available for download in Manila? We're still not sure, but this cool car app allows you to get in touch with private chaffeurs (driving ridiculously stylish cars!) to take you anywhere you want to go! (Uber Blog)

3 Cool! Half-Pinay Maryjun Takahashi will be joining the cast of the second installment of Rurouni Kenshin! Maryjun is slated to play the part of Yumi Komagata in the popular anime and manga series-turned-movie. (ABS-CBN)

4 Having a bad day? McDonald's newest commercial just totally made our  morning. Check it out below!

5 Loved the movie Frozen? Well, you're gonna love 4-year-old twins Maddie and Zoe's version of "Let It Go." It's the cutest thing we've heard all week!

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