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Women Doing Makeup On Public Trains Are 'Ugly To See,' Says Japanese Ad

And that doing so is not proper etiquette.

Japan is known for having many social conventions and imposing various behavioral rules, and this recent one concerns just about any person who wears cosmetics regularly. An etiquette video by railway operator Tokyu Corp. tells off women who apply their makeup on their commute, describing this as “mittomonai” or “ugly to see.”

The 30-second clip shows two women doing their makeup, while another judgingly looks on. “Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at times,” she says. According to The Tokyo Times, she then sings the following lines to them: “Why can’t you do it before you get on the train?/You get your eyebrows back/You have more eyelashes on/Your looks have changed/They are all seen.”

The advertisement is part of a campaign that aims to school passengers on proper train behavior. Aside from the no-makeup clip, the videos include those discouraging people from using their phones while walking, and shoving fellow commuters with bags.

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