Another Japanese Princess Is Giving Up Her Royal Title For Love

She's set to marry her commoner boyfriend on October 2018.
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

After her cousin, Princess Makogave up her royal title last year so she could marry her fiancé, Kei Komuro, in 2020, Japan's Princess Ayako chose to follow her heart and give up her title as well. According to an official announcement, 27-year-old Princess Ayako is set to get engaged to her boyfriend, 32-year-old commoner Kei Moriya, in August and will marry him on October 2018.

Even though Prince Harry and Prince William both married commoners and remained in the British royal family, that's not always de rigueur across the globe. In Princess Ayako's case, she'll have to leave the Japanese royal family as soon as she gets married.

Moriya, who works for a Japanese shipping company, met Ayako through their parents last year. Princess Ayako's mom actually introduced them to inspire her to advocate for human rights, but obviously, that didn't go exactly as planned and they fell in love!

When Princess Ayako gets married in October, she'll be the second princess to leave the family in the last two years, leaving the Japanese royal family consisting of only 17 members. (If any princes are looking for a princess, HMU.)

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That said, Japanese legislators are reportedly working on changing the laws that mandate the male-only order of succession and force women who marry commoners to leave the family.

But even though having to leave her familynot to mention a royal familyto marry the person she loves probably isn't ideal, Princess Ayako is kind of living her best life right now. Major props and the best of luck to her!


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