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You Have To Check Out These Videos From Jeffree Star's Music Career

PHOTO: YouTube/Jeffreestarvevo

We all know Jeffree Star as an Internet celebrity, makeup artist, and cosmetics mogul. But did you know he had a successful music career before...everything? Jeffree has a studio album, extended plays, around five singles, music videos—the works! 

Jeffree's music featured rock, electronic, dance, and pop elements. Check out his MVs below: 


"Love To My Cobain," 2013 

Jeffree's most recent music video has...a lot going on. Quick warning: This video is totally NSFW! 

"Prom Night," 2012 

It features Jeffree getting ready for prom and deliberately spilling his drink on someone. And EVERYTHING is pink! Jeffree's wearing a pink suit, he's in a pink room, and there are pink...weapons. 

"Beauty Killer," 2010 

"If I can't be beautiful, I'd rather just die." The lyrics say it all, don't you think? Here, we also get a closer look at Jeffree's tats. Also strictly NSFW. 

"Get Away With Murder," 2010 

Sweaty bodies and backup dancers and a chainsaw. 'Nuff said. 

There's more! Earlier in his career, Jeffree was also a screamo artist. Screamo music, derived from the term "emo," is influenced by hardcore punk. In short, it's very aggressive music that involves, well, screaming. 

Below is a video compilation of Jeffree from his screamo days. Enjoy! 


Will Jeffree make a music comeback? Guess we'll find out soon enough.