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Jennica Garcia Confirms Split With Alwyn Uytingco: 'We are now just a family of three'

She's now a single mom to her two daughters.
PHOTO: Instagram/jennicauytingco

On May 20, 2021, in an exclusive interview with GMA Network, Jennica Garcia confirmed that she and her husband Alwyn Uytingco have broken up after seven years of marriage.

"From a family of four, we are now just a family of three. Sacrifices must really be made," Jennica is quoted as saying.

Because of the split, Jennica is now a single mom to her two kids with Alwyn: Mori and Alessi.


Jennica didn't give any more information to GMA about the separation. "That's the most that I can say right now."

But she did say that because of it, she's going back to showbiz. Jennica explained, "For the past seven to eight years, I made this decision to really focus on my kids, and to do that, hindi talaga ako puwede gumawa ng teleserye. Kasi three times a week ang taping noon, so ang ginagawa ko lang is guestings kung saan two to three days max yung trabaho."

Yesterday, Jennica repeated on social media that financial problems aren't the reason behind the uncoupling. She wrote that Alwyn was never materialistic, is hardworking, and is a good provider. "FINANCIAL PROBLEM is NOT the reason. Going back and pursuing my career as an actress is simply the wise thing for me to do in this season in my life. Our savings was never an issue."

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Jennica and Alwyn married in secret on February 12, 2014. In March 2021, rumors of marriage troubles surfaced when Jennica sought help from her IG followers on how to change her username and name; she couldn't do it on her own because she has a verified Insta, and for some reason, her support ticket to Instagram wasn't sending. (Until now, Jennica's IG handle remains the same: @jennicauytingco.)


A month later, in April, Jennica wrote a letter to other parents about self-love. It reads in part, "All parents are going through so much in this pandemic. Fathers are overworked, mothers are dead-tired that it is so easy for Satan to whisper lies to your very soul. Dear parents, self-love is not selfish. It only becomes selfish when you love yourself too much to the extent that your family becomes broken because of it."


She continued, "There is nothing you can do to change your spouse's heart. That is something only Jesus can do, and you are not God. It is going to be very hard but know that you are never alone in Christ. The desire for companionship will be so strong during moments of loneliness but take courage in the fact that the Lord knows your story from start to finish. There are marriages that make it till their last breath, then there are those who end up parting ways for good. Which one among the two will you end up in? Only God knows. So hold on tight to Jesus and pray for His will and not yours to be done. WHY? Because whether your family is restored or otherwise, there is no better life than the life God has planned for you."


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