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Jennifer Aniston Just Joined Insta And Broke The App Because She’s Getting Too Many Followers

Like, she literally broke it.
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Jennifer Aniston is on Instagram! I repeat, Jennifer Aniston is on Instagram, you guys! Since IG decided to do away with the Following activity feed, you might have missed all your friends following Jennifer’s new account and Liking her first picture this morning. But even if you also wanted to follow her right how (how could you not?), Instagram is making it impossible to do. Almost immediately after Jen posted a Friends reunion picture, the platform crashed and wouldn’t let anyone actually follow her.

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If you tried to go follow @JenniferAniston last night, the app did this thing where the follow button changes to “following” and back to “follow” again, as if you never tried to follow her in the first place! It’s honestly really rude but sorta understandable since Jen is that iconic. (Update: As of writing, she now has 3.5M followers!)

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Once fans realized they couldn’t follow the beloved actress, they took to Twitter to express how they’re equally frustrated and impressed.

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It seems like this issue might only be affecting some users, though, because her follower count is rising steadily and she’s already at 221K.

Some other fun news about her account: Her ex-husband Justin Theroux commented under her first pic like the ultimate stan and wrote, “Woot-Woot! ??????????#first.”

And Jen is already getting the hang of IG and commenting on her former costar’s pictures. This morning, she commented on Matt LeBlanc’s post and wrote, “You don’t have to # me anymore.” And when Comments by Celebs captured that exchange, she was like, “Wow, you girls are fast.”

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Now, it’s only a matter of time until we find out if Jen is one of those IG users whose Insta Story looks like this “———” or this “----------------------------------------------.”


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