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Jennifer Aniston Wants Fresh Start with Name Change

Jennifer Aniston is planning a "fresh start" by changing her name professionally when she marries Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston is planning a "fresh start" by changing her name. The 44-year-old actress, who is engaged to Justin Theroux, is said to be discussing with her team the implications of using her married name in her professional life once she ties the knot as she hopes it will finally signal the end of her "unlucky-in-love" image.

A source said: "Jen has been consulting her therapist and management team about the implications of becoming Jennifer Theroux professionally.

"'Jennifer Aniston' has become the poster girl for the 'unlucky-in-love girl next door who got dumped by Brad Pitt. Jen feels her name is no longer her own, but synonymous with a whole heap of baggage associated with her personal life. She wants a fresh start and she also wants the world to know how madly in love she is with Justin."

Jennifer is considering the impact changing her name could have on her earning potential, but those close to her believe a different moniker won't matter as she is so famous already.

The source added to the latest issue of Grazia magazine: "It's a big thing for Jennifer to do. She needs to take advice on whether it would affect her from a business point of view.

"She earns money out of being Jennifer Aniston, but a lot of people think that, as she is so famous, it wouldn't matter and wouldn't actually change anything.

"She hasn't made a final decision yet, but it is something she feels very strongly about, so we could well be seeing the last days of Jennifer Aniston."

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