Jennylyn Mercado And Dennis Trillo Are All Kinds Of Sweet In Amsterdam

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PHOTO: Instagram/dennistrillo

1 Around the same time last year, sweethearts Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo were spotted in Amsterdam for a romantic getaway, and it looks like they went back for round two! Over the weekend, the couple posted some pretty adorable photos on their respective social media accounts that surely made #DenJen fans very happy. 

So ~*kilig*~!!

2 Luis Manzano is notorious for not holding back whenever people cross a line, especially when Instagram commenters get vicious, and he explains why: "Para sa akin, when people ask me kung bakit ako pumapatol sa bashers, I found the perfect quote: 'We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, not the victims. Silence encourages the tormentors, never the tormented.'" He continues, "Mas gugustuhin ko na nakikita niyo yung karas na ugali ko harap-harapan kesa naman bait-baitan ako sa harap ninyo pero sa likod ng kamera, ang sama ng ugali ko." Read his entire interview on on

3 Jasmine Curtis-Smith won the Best Actress award in the Cinema One Originals Film Fest 2016 for her portrayal of a lesbian in love with her bff in Baka Bukas. During her acceptance speech, Jas said, "Mabuhay ang LGBT community! Kaisa niyo ako whether or not I am." 

ICYMI, here's a glimpse of Baka Bukas:

4 In case you needed one more reason to ship Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, Billy just proved that he can defend his lady and stay classy at the same time. Billy posted this gorgeous of photo of Coleen: 

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And, of course, an Internet troll came knockin': "Coleen rhinoplasty looks too thick and hard—she needs to repair that like Isabel Oli." *eye roll* Billy was quick to gracefully clap back though: "God made her that way @prettyluz2010 imperfections and all that's what I like about her, nothing should be changed :)" That's how it's done!

5 We're pretty sure Kylie Jenner has plans to dominate yet another industry! Two days ago, the lip kit queen posted photos of her in racy lingerie, tagging @thekylieshop for a sneak peek of some new merch. 

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