LOL At Jess Wilson's Struggle For An Instagram-Worthy Couple Pic In Thailand

Same, Jess. Same.
PHOTO: Instagram/jesswilson

Jess Wilson is currently in Thailand with boyfriend Moritz Gastl, but so far the two haven’t posted a couple photo yet on their Instagram grids. This may be a bit surprising since they post couple pics whenever they travel.

As it turns out, even an It Girl struggles to take a couple pic and can still be unsatisfied after so many shots—and the same goes for an Instagram boyfriend. (Moritz’s IG bio reads “Official photographer of @jesswilson.”)

As a compromise, the Sunnies Face brand manager hilariously posted a solo shot of herself and of Moritz in a carousel. “The couple pic didn’t work out,” she captioned. (Too bad; they're both wearing green!)

This isn't the first time Jess was open about not getting the A+ shot for IG. She's shared some "imperfect" pics, and TBH their realness makes her and Moritz so adorable.

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